At Glo Day Spa & Salon, we believe in creating a space where people feel comfortable, where they can enjoy themselves and unwind from the stress and chaos of everyday life. 

We believe in community over competition. 

We will utilize our space to better our community. 

We firmly believe businesses should contribute to the well-being of people and the planet. For this reason, we look to integrate social and environmental concerns into our operations on a daily basis. Nothing will ever take away the need for, and the value of, the personal connections that are so vital to the work we do. 



Through caring for yourself, you care for others. When you visit Glo, you help us support important, life-enhancing projects all across the island. Through the loyalty and support of Glo guests so far:

  • We support domestic violence awareness by helping Putu, to sell her handmade bags at Glo where 100% of the money goes to Putu to support her on her healing journey. (they are available to purchase at Glo Canggu & Glo Sanur).
  • In 2018, we collected funds and bought food, toys, and education items for the villages at the base of Mt Agung who were affected by the eruption.
  • March 2020: We partnered up with Bali Children Foundation & Margaret Barry to raise money to help the local villages around Mt. Agung doubly affected by the ongoing volcano effects and Covid 19. We raised over 40 million rupiahs in 2020.  We did three drops over the following months.
  • December 2020: We did another donation drop to the families in need in another village by Mount Agung having partnered with the daughter of Georgia, Sienna Sutherland, with her community service initiative at Bali Island School – Movathon. She raised over 12 million to help Glo.
  • Glo is a bigger supporter of ROLE and other local charities on the island. Glo is constantly giving vouchers to those who ask to support their projects.


View our participation in the donation drop to Desa Bebandem, Karangasem(December, 2020)

View our participation in the donation drop to Desa Gumuh, Mt. Agung:

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