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Spray Tanning

Get that tropical ton and bronze island glow in just 10 minutes with instant bronzing colour and no sun damage. Naked Tan professional spray on system is imported from Australia and is fast, safe and leaves  you ‘glo-ing’ for up to 7 days. For best results, exfoliate several hours prior to treatment. Wear loose, comfortable , dork coloured clothes and do not use any moisturizer, deodorant or make-up prior to treatment. It is advisable not to swim, sweat or toke a shower for at least 5 hours after yourtan application. Longer for a deeper tan.

NAKED TAN – 10%, 15% or 16% – 2 hour tan

— Casual session (Rp. 375.000)
— Casual session with body brushing (Rp. 500.000)
— Double spray (Rp. 600.000)
— Legs + butt only (Rp. 300.000)
— Face + neck only (Rp. 200.000)

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