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We believe that everyone deserves happier, healthier hair.

The secret to healthy, glowing hair is treating it right with salon-quality remedies designed especially to give your hair the boost it needs. Treatments are important here at Glo as they repair, maintain, and condition your hair so that we can better achieve the best look for you. 

We have a choice of luxury treatments from our signature traditional Indonesian treatment Hair Creambath with hair cream applied to the hair, with steaming and light massages on the scalp, neck, and shoulders to another nourishing and hydrating hair spa package called Warm Stone Hair Revival. Another hair treatments that your healthy hair doesn’t want to miss are Hair Glossing and Hair Botox. They are brought to Glo in 2020 and become one of the biggest trends for the season.

Another specialized and popular in-salon treatment from Olaplex is also recommended to refresh your colour or repair damaged hair and restore broken bonds from the inside out, leaving hair strong, healthy, and vibrant.

It’s is our passion to educate you on provide prescriptive hair care treatments that will have you looking and feel amazing long after any colour, cutting, or hair extension services!

Experience our in-house bespoke treatments completely tailored for your hair and scalp needs.


Tired tresses are brought back to life with our miracle fluid by Olaplex, an intensive treatment that repairs damaged bonds leaving your hair feeling fresh and new! Enjoy a refreshing neck and shoulder massage and our signature blow dry. This really is a miracle!

— 60-minutes  (Rp. 950.000)


Tame those tresses with our express intensive Olaplex treatment for coarse or damaged hair. Your hair will feel healthier, have more shine and be more manageable.
— 30-minutes (Rp. 495.000)

— Olaplex – 1. 2 with colour service (Rp. 750.000)
— Additional product (Rp. 165.000)
— Blow Dry Stylist (Rp. 200.000)
— Blow Dry Senior Stylist (Rp. 250.000)
 colour service (Rp. 550.000)
— Add Collagen Eyes to any treatment (Rp. 50.000)
— Add Collagen Lip to any treatment (Rp. 50.000)


Our Hair Gloss service will add incredible shine and replenish colour to your hair. Resulting in longer-lasting and more vibrant hair colour and shine.

— Start from Rp. 600.000


Hair Botox is a chemical free deep conditioning treatment which coats the surface of the hair, filling in split ends and fending off frizz making hair appear fuller and more lustrous. This treatment requires a series of services for best results.

— 1x treatment Rp. 510.000
— 4x Treatments: Rp. 1.950.000


Indonesian women are renowned for their sleek, lustrous locks and part of their secret is a hair treatment known as a Hair Cream Bath. The “bath” is a thick coat of conditioner that is meticulously massaged into your scalp and through every strand of hair. Penetration is the key, so while the cream is working on softening, strengthening, and glossing your hair, the therapist’s fingers work their own massage magic on your neck and shoulders.

— Traditional Cream Bath / 60 minutes : Rp. 300.000
— Davines Moisture Cream bath / 60 minutes : Rp. 450.000
— Add on Blow Dry : Rp. 250.000
— Add on Flat Iron or Curling : Rp. 175.000


Our extremely nourishing and hydrating package includes a wash, conditioner application and scalp massage. Our awesome hot stone neck, shoulder and upper back massage will leave you rejuvenated. Hair is steamed, while your arms and hands are massaged. Finish off with our signature blow dry.

— 90 minutes : Rp. 550.000

Warm Stone Creambath

— 60 minutes : Rp. 380.000


An exfoliating spa scrub containing natural spa water, white clay, piroctone olamino, and essential oils of juniper and pine, which removes the dandruff and prevents reoccurrence, improves cell metabolism and oxygenation and calms irritated scalps.

— 30 minutes : Rp. 395.000


Our Malibu C – naturally removes hard water deposits and impurities leaving hair instantly softer, shinier and full of swing. It eliminates brassiness, discolouration and damage caused by mineral absorption. The vitamin infused formula deeply penetrates the hair for superior results.

— 30 minutes : Rp. 395.000

DAVINES Sustainable Beauty

– Hairloss Treatment : Rp. 400.000
– Dry Scalp Dandruff Treatment : Rp. 430.000
– Damaged Hair : Rp. 350.000
– Sensitive Scalp : Rp. 350.000
– Oi Luxurious Hair Treatment : Rp. 650.000
– Heart of Glaze Treatment : Rp. 650.000
– Sea Salt Scrub Treatment : Rp. 550.000
– Ritual Hair Mask Davines : Rp. 350.000

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