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Glo facials deliver deep relaxation, for a beautiful and totally holistic facial experience with 100% organic aromatherapy, each facial is tailored to you, on a skin, sensory and soul level.

Our range of facial treatments for both women and men encompass a dual approach, which utilises dynamic facial massage techniques to boost circulation, while simultaneously promoting the hydration and relaxation of skin.

Glo is proud to be an authorised stockist of Pevonia & Biokos. Our bespoke facial treatments have been achieved through specialised training, which allows our team to offer you the restoring properties of both Pevonia and Biokos facial.

LED Colour Light Therapy

LED therapy is a popular, non-invasive skin treatment for acne, sunmdamage, wounds, dull skin, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, scarringm and other inflammatory conditions and issues. LED stimulates cellular activity, including fibroblasts that produce collagen. Collagen helps minimize fine lines and wrinkles, improves sun damage and stretch marks and reduces redness. A series of treatments is suggested for best results.

– revitalise skin.
– improve circulation.
– improve acne scars.
– cell regenation.
– increase collgen.
– control sebaceous glands.
– improves inflammation.
– skin calming.
– reduces acne causing bacteria.
– aids acne prone, oily skin.
– skin calming.
– aids sensitive skin.
– reduces redness.
– improves pigmentation.

— 60 minutes facial (IDR. 450.000)
add on 20 minutes (IDR. 200.000)


On demand Firming + Pigmentation – Ideal for 30 years old.
Seeking a treatment with an amazing instant result? The Pevonia Lumafirm Lift and Firm facial treatment renders your skin luminous with a firmer, tighter and more youthfully defined appearance. This remarkable Lumafirm mask and cream is combined with elastin polypeptides with sorghum and its powerful repairing and tightening benefits. It is ideal for any skin type showing signs of aging and works as an ideal instant repair boost when you want look your absolute best!

— 60 minutes (IDR 1.200.000)


Corrective and Resurfacing – Ideal for over 25
Resurfacing alternative to laser/microdermabrasion/peel. Ideal for sun damaged skin and mature skin, hyperpigmentation and advanced signs of aging as well as smokers and surfers skin. It smooths fine lines and wrinkles and reduces acne scars. There is no downtime and it is the perfect way to fast and flawless skin. Not recommended for hypersensitive skin and inflamed acne or during pregnancy.

Four consistent sessions are recommended for the optimum result.

— 60 minutes (IDR 1.250.000)


Correct and Prevent Photo DamageIdeal for over 20 years old.
Imagine moonlight on a calm sea: smooth, bright and glowing… You have captured the incredible results of this mask. Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid work together to rehydrate. Correct photo damage and drench your skin with repairing antioxidants to restore a youthful appearance, rendering skin visibly luminous! For those needing instant glow!

— 60 minutes (IDR 990.000)


Restore + hydration Ideal for over 16 years old.
A true balancing facial spa experience using pure organic aromatherapy elixirs and botanical actives to purify, balance and renew the skin, leaving it more youthful, energized and regenerated. This complete facial treatment is personally customised and tailored for individual skin types.

— 30 minutes (IDR 350.000)
— 60 minutes (IDR 650.000)

Biokos Facial

A caring ritual for the face. We have not yet found the elixir to hold back the aging process. but with weekly facials, you can ensure the lasting beauty of your skin. Glo facials are more than a facial. Feel radiant and look younger – what more can you ask for? Relax and revitalise with one of our deep cleansing Biokos facials – an Australian product that does not use animal products or test on our furry friends.

— 60 minutes (IDR 300.000)
— 75 minutes (IDR 375.000)
— 90 minutes + back massage (IDR 450.000)
— 2 hours + steam + extractions (IDR 600.000)
— Add any sheet face mask ( 15 minutes) (IDR 65.000)


Athena Microdermabrasion

Athena Microdermabrasion is a gentle yet highly effective exfoliation treatment, which deeply cleanses the skin. It can be used for all skin types and is great for the reducing pigmentation, signs of acne and to treat stretch marks. It is perfect for clearing blocked pores, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles and scarring and plus skin rejuvenation. It is a sensational resurfacing treatment that stimulates collagen production and cell renewal to slow the ageing process.

— 45 minutes (IDR 590.000)
— 60 minutes (IDR 750.000)

GLO Detox Facial

Our signature Deep Cleanse Detox Facial is a multi-tasking facial which includes an incredible full face peel off mask and high frequency. These help eliminate both excess oil and and skin toxins caused by the environment, pollution, stress, anxiety and cosmetic/ sunscreen useage. As a result, your complexion will be glowy, cleansed, and more balanced than ever! A complete detox for the mind, soul, and skin. This magical treatment includes deep cleansing, steam, gentle extractions, massage and face mask. The perfect Detox.

— 75 minutes (IDR 450.000)

Gold leaf Facial

Restore, rejuvenate and lock in moisture with our beautiful 24K Gold Leaf Facial. Harnessing the power of gold to firm and heal. Used for centuries by the Romans, Egyptians and Japanese, the benefits of gold leaf is just being discovered now. Gold Leaf has been shown to improve the efficacy of skin care products, helps to stimulate cells and improves circulation – giving you stunning, healthy looking skin. This facial will firm and lift by boosting collagen production, brighten and enhance radiance and deeply hydrate and nourish whilst defending against the effects of ageing.

— 60 minutes (IDR 595.000)


Our 60-minute Back facial includes the same techniques you would find in a facial at Glo, including deep cleansing, exfoliation, a purifying mask, and extractions for clogged pores. Leaving your back refreshed and renewed

— 60 minutes (IDR 410.000)


A 45-minute Booty Facial, or butt facial, involves cleansing, exfoliation, extractions (if needed), sport massage, and a mask. A comprehensive booty facial will leave the skin feeling revived and appearing more toned and flawless. Beach bum ready.

— 45 minutes (IDR 350.000)

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