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Massage provides a host of health enhancing benefits. It can help to lower blood pressure, increase blood circulation and lymph flow, relax muscles, improve skin condition, reduce stress and deliver a harmonious feeling of mind-body wellness. Feel tension melt away and the rapture begin under the expert hands of our therapist.
Add warming balm to any massage Rp. 60.000

Glo Massage

Move from ZERO to HERO as your muscles are manipulated to improve circulation, reduce tension and fatigue relief. This massage is totally HOT off the STRESS!

— 75 minutes (IDR 385.000)

Ancient Warm Bamboo Massage

Feel muscles relax and comply as hollow warm bamboo canes are used as an extension of the therapist hands. The rhythmic flow and dance of the bamboo, guided by your therapist, will trigger acupressure points, achieving a deep sense of relaxation.

— 60 minutes (IDR 355.000)

Balinese Massage

When in Bali why not do as the Balinese have been doing for centuries? Surrender your body and mind to this blissful combination of long strokes, kneading, friction, and pressure technique applied with the artful and accomplished skill of insight, sensitivity and intuition. An ancient healing therapy that is as blissful as it is beneficial.

— 60 minutes (IDR 300.000)
— 90 minutes (IDR 450.000)

Four Hand Massage

If two hands are better than one, imagine what can be accomplished with four! In this sublime massage experience two therapists perform a choreographed dance and smooth your mood. This is the ultimate guilt- free indulgence. Two therapists work together in perfect harmony to deliver to you the most incredible massage.

— 60 minutes (IDR 560.000)

Deep Tissue Massage

This powerfully healing and energizing treatment uses long strokes and pressure point techniques to release deep muscle tension, stimulate the body’s system and rebalance the natural energetic life force. It incorporates lots of pushing, squeezing and pressure to tease muscles into submission. Truly sublime! This treatment is excellent for after a long flight, a night out or as a treat for your exhausted body to restore vitality.

— 60 minutes (IDR 370.000)
— 90 minutes (IDR 535.000)

Soothing Sunburn Therapy

It’s not just sunburned skin that will benefit from this cooling, hydrating and anti-inflammatory therapy, although you can definitely expect relief if you are feeling the heat. First, we smear you with a breezy cocktail of mashed cucumber and essential oils, wrap you up in cool green banana leaves and throw in a head massage for the pampering effect. Than we add a layer of peppermint, orange, and vitamin E cooling gel and treat your feet to blissful massage. Our chilled, we gently re-nourish your skin with our vanilla and coconut body lotion.

— 60 minutes (IDR 350.000)

Healing Stone Therapy

A chakra-tuning experience to refresh your tired body and enliven jaded spirits. This comforting and deeply relaxing massage combines human touch with the healing power of heated and cooled river stones to soothe misbehaving muscles and restore body and mind balance.

— 60 minutes (IDR 365.000)

Custom Designed Massage

Designed by you for you! Tell us where you want to be massaged and we will tailor our style to fit your needs.

— 60 minutes (IDR 300.000)

Reflexology Massage

This health enhancing therapy focuses on the feet and legs and spreads through the whole body. Reflexology works on precise points on the feet that are believed to reflex to other part of the body. Stimulating these points can increase overall circulation and restore the natural healthy balance to specific parts of the body. We then extend the feel good factor to include your arms, back and neck. This massage is taken in our Glo Lounge.

— 60 minutes + hot compress (IDR 300.000)
— 90 minutes + lime foot bath (IDR 425.000)

VITAMAN Sports Massage

Aimed at the sports enthusiast to alleviate muscular soreness resulting from exercise. Ease and eliminate the pain and stiffness accompanying joint and muscle strain and relax and soothe tired muscles with a deep tissue sports massage featuring VITAMAN’s unique sport massage oil. VITAMAN’s Desert Muscle Rub is also used on isolated areas to give effective results and instantly revive tired muscles.

— 60 minutes (IDR 450.000)

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic drainage massage is a form of gentle massage that encourages the drainage of the lymph nodes and movement of the lymph fluids around the body. This specialized massage involves gently manipulating specific areas of your body to help facilitate the flow in the lymph channels. The aim of which is to relieve lymphedema, the build up of lymph fluid and ultimately the removal of waste and toxins from the body tissues

— 60 minutes (IDR 450.000)

Dry Body Brushing

Add on to any massage or body treatment, body brushing works wonders in improving circulation, lymphatic drainage and to aid in the battle against cellulite.

— 30 minutes (IDR 160.000)

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