2020 Hair Colour Trends

Every year we hear countless people chant “new year, new me.” However, not many can actually make positive changes. Maybe it’s time to change that slogan to something more doable like ‘new year, new hair.’ At Glo, you will find some of the best hairdressers in Bali who can help you stay on top of 2020 hair colour trends.

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A rejuvenating vacation is just what you need to let some of the stress go and what better than a trip to exotic Bali. Here you can relax by the sea or go trekking or rafting for an adventurous and refreshing experience. And while you’re relaxing, how about some hair care at the most professional hair salon in Bali?

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Glo Day Spa and Salon

Glo is undisputedly the best Bali hair salon. Here you will find some of the best hairdressers in Bali who will give you the ultimate hair care experience. Not only do we ensure that you walk away satisfied with the service, but we take extra measures to maintain the health and integrity of your hair.

If you are someone who likes to stay on top of hair colouring trends, then a visit to Glo Day Spa and Salon is a must. It is the best hair salon in Seminyak that can cater to all your hair colour and styling needs.

Top 2020 Hair Colour Trends

Hair colouring trends come and go quickly, so if you like something, it’s best to try it there and then. You don’t want to be the odd one out who always tries things too late and is always out of fashion. Our experts at Glo Day Spa and Salon can help you stay on top of hair colour trends even on your vacation trip to Bali.

Beautiful Natural Balayage

Adding unique twists to natural brown shades seems to be the latest trend in 2020. Hairstylists all over the world are trying to work with earthy tones to enhance natural beauty. Here a beautiful transitioning balayage seems to be the perfect option for those seeking a little more daring change.

You can opt for darker, more natural roots that gradually transition to blonde tips. The top trending balayage look for 2020 involves chocolate brown or mahogany base with auburn, gold or caramel tips.

Get Highlights at the Best Hair Salon in Seminyak 

If you don’t want to opt for a dramatic change, you could opt for colour enhancing highlights. Brunettes with warmer undertones can get blonde chunks in their hair to add the perfect colour contrast. Not only does this make the hair look more voluminous, but it also adds shine to otherwise dull hair colour.

Brown Ale Coloured Hair

Probably the most natural-looking hair colour trend of 2020 is the brown ale look. It features a darker brown base with auburn chunks. It adds just the slightest touch of red to brighten up the look.

Orchard Red – Top Pick for 2020 Hair Colour Trends

Speaking of red, it is the colour of the year, and we will definitely be noticing a lot of redheads rocking the colour. However, red is quite hard to maintain without proper hair care. Luckily for you, in Bali, you have access to the ultimate Seminyak hair salon. Not only will the experts here dye your hair but will give you hairstyle tips as well as provide the ultimate hair care regime.

Hair Care at the Best Hair Salon in Bali

You can rock virtually any hairstyle and colour provided your hairs are in good condition. Our experts at Glo ensure your hair remains in optimal condition despite undergoing the intense chemical procedure. They will conduct an initial examination of your hair before recommending essential treatments.

Even after hair dye, we perform additional treatments to ensure your hair restores their natural moisture and retain their strength. The best part is that you get exceptional 5-star service at an incredibly reasonable price, which makes the experience even more satisfactory. It is our dedication that makes us the best Bali hair salon.

Why Choose Glo Day Spa and Salon?

Glo Day Spa and Salon is a pioneer in Bali hairstyle trends. It is the first city-style day spa and salon on the Island that houses the best hairdressers in Bali. Glo is the leading hair salon in Bali with internationally trained hair stylists, hair care, and bleaching and dying experts.

If you love your hair and are a fashionista at heart, then Glo is the perfect place for you. At our reputable Seminyak hair salon, the customer’s hair health is always the priority. We host a team of extremely talented hairstylists from Europe, Indonesia as well as Australia. We are always on top of whatever the trend is worldwide.

If you want messy beach waves to go with Bali’s vibe, you can get it here. You can even ask for virtually any fashion dye, and the experts at Glo will ensure that you walk out satisfied. According to Pantone, the colour for the year 2020 is Classic dusk sky blue. How about you visit the best hair salon in Seminyak to try it out on your hair?

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