5 Bali Hair Tips from the Best Hair Salon in Canggu

Bali is a wonderful holiday destination, and as amazing as its beaches are, the weather in Bali can take a toll on your hair.

Many people struggle with frizzy hair in Bali after prolonged exposure to its hot and sticky weather.

If you happen to be in Bali and experience a frizzy hair phase, here are some incredible Bali hair tips from the Best Hair Salon in Canggu.

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Eliminate Hair Frizz – Use the Right Product or Treatment

Hot and sticky weather can make your hair really frizzy, which often causes your hair to form small, untidy curls. Numerous hairdressers in Canggu suggest using a nice soothing shampoo to eliminate hair frizz, followed by a nourishing conditioner to soften the curls and control the frizz. You can also use leave-in hair oils that greatly penetrate through the hair and make it soft and silky.

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Keratin Treatment in Bali – The Ultimate Frizz-Control Method

If your hair is way too frizzy and no shampoo or conditioner seems to work, you can try Keratin hair treatment at Glo Day Spa & Salon, which boasts the reputation of being the best hair salon in Canggu.

Our chic salon offers the most amazing keratin treatment in Bali, which is also a quick, anti-frizz solution for rough, unmanageable hair.

Glo Keratin hair treatment is ideal for all hair types and aims to make the hair more manageable by eliminating fuzz and frizz. It helps restore the protein in your hair, thereby making it soft and smooth all over again!

Keep Your Hair Moisturized and Hydrated

The worst part about living in humid climatic conditions is that it adversely affects both your skin and hair. Just like you work on your skin and follow a proper skincare routine, you also need to adopt a hair care routine to keep your hair hydrated and moisturized.

Glo Day Spa & Salon has some of the most effective hair treatments on its menu, one of which is our highly moisturizing Hair Creambath Treatment.

Creambath is our signature traditional Indonesian hair treatment that involves the use of moisturizing and hydrating hair creams, followed by an elaborate hair steaming process as well as light, but energizing massages on the neck, shoulders, and scalp.

Some other wonderful hair treatments offered by our hair salon in Canggu are Warm Stone Hair Revival, Intense Goldwell Moisture Creambath, and Mane Control Olaplex, which is a unique type of olaplex in Bali, Hello Hair Moisturize drench, and Scalp + Dandruff Treatment

Try Chlorine Removal Treatment

Apart from the extremely frizzy hair that people in Bali have to face, they also have another problem to deal with – green hair! Green hair happens because the chlorine in pools reacts with the copper found in pool water. People who go swimming are exposed to this reaction and have their hair turned green as a result.

One of the most effective solutions for that is our hair chlorine removal treatment, which is also popularly suggested by numerous hairdressers in Canggu.

Glo Chlorine Removal Treatment is your ultimate solution in Bali to fix green hair. It not only guarantees complete hair chlorine removal but also brings your hair back to life. The salon uses the best Malibu C products that consist of a vitamin-infused formula for dry hair. This formula helps remove impurities and hard mineral deposits from the hair, which, in turn, makes it super soft and shiny. It further helps get rid of hair damage and discoloration caused by the process of mineral absorption.

Home Based Solutions Offered By the Best Hair Salon in Canggu

Glo Day Spa & Salon brings you fantastic home-based solutions for successfully eliminating frizzy hair and restoring all the lost shine and softness.

This includes using nourishing hair masks regularly in order to ensure effective frizz-control. Our salon imports premium hair mask products from Australia for everyone in Bali who is going through a frizzy-hair phase.

We offer a range of excellent products that include Eleven Miracle Treatment, Pump Hair Care, and Alfaparf products to name a few.  We also offer the best Olaplex in Bali that will completely rejuvenate your hair.

Use a Good Styling Product that Won’t Damage your Hair

Many people have frizzy hair problems because they end up using the wrong styling product for their hair before and after blow-dry or updo hairstyles, which eventually leads to severe frizz, dryness, and parched hair. The key is to use the right product that prevents static, dry, and frizzy hair.

At Glo Day Spa & Salon, we sell a variety of amazing styling products mainly from the popular Italian haircare brand Alfaparf. This brand has an extensive at-home product range that has diverse types of care and finishing products that cater to different hair types. You can choose one according to your hair type and use it on your hair after an extensive blow dry.

Get Your Anti-Frizz Hair Fix Now

If you are also a victim of dry, frizzy Bali hair, book an appointment at Glo Day Spa & Salon and get an instant anti-frizz fix for your hair! Needless to say, you’ll be enjoying silky smooth and frizz-free hair in no time!

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