Bali’s Best Facial Treatments and Microdermabrasion for Beautiful, Younger Looking Skin

Would you like to have beautiful, younger-looking skin? If so, you’re in the right place. Glo Day Spa & Salon offers the best facial in Bali, transforming your skin from dull to radiant using a variety of state-of-the-art techniques. 

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We’re Easy to Find

When you are on vacation, the last thing you want is to spend hours searching around for microdermabrasion in Bali. It should be easy to find somewhere to get a facial treatment. 

Fortunately, with Glo Day Spa & Salon, it is. We now run three locations across the island, including Canggu, Seminyak, and Sanur. We also operate one other site in Nusa Lembongan Island (an island close to Bali) for those staying further afield. Finding facial treatment in Bali has never been easier. 

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Why Glo Day Spa & Salon for the Best Facial in Bali?

Glo Day Spa & Salon is famous all over Bali for the quality of its services. But why? 


Glo was one of the pioneers of the facial in Bali. Because of this, we have tremendous experience providing all kinds of facials for practically anyone, no matter the condition of their skin.

Before we set up our spa, there were almost no spa treatment services on the island at all. Now, though, visitors can get a host of facial treatments for wrinkles, acne, and much, much more. Thank goodness we came along when we did!

Glo day spa first opened its doors in 2005 and has been active ever since. Since then, we’ve given hundreds of people the best facial in Bali, only available from us. Our attention to detail means that we’ve garnered a reputation for quality and have been featured in prominent publications. The Conde Nast 2019 Best Spas in Bali, for instance, said that our spa service was as good as any you might find in Bondi beach or Beverly hills. 

The reason we are so popular has to do with the composition of our team. We hire only the best practitioners, ensuring that you receive a facial that you’ll never forget. 


At Glo Day Spa & Salon, we understand the importance of sourcing professionals who understand your needs inside out. With a dedicated professional international team from Australia, Europe, and Indonesia, our specialists are trained in the latest anti-aging facial treatments. With our global team, you’re in safe hands. 


Glo is the most reputable spa in the business, thanks to our incredible menu of treatments and our professional staff. It’s simply not possible to find a better venue on the island, no matter what your needs. Our facial treatments will leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed, and infinitely more radiant: just the look you want when you’re touring around a hot tropical island!


If you’re getting microdermabrasion in Bali, you need professionals with many years of experience. With Glo Day Spa & Salon, that’s precisely what you will get. We provide a host of incredible treatments, all carried out by professionals who understand safety and efficacy intimately. With our treatment, you’ll immediately feel relaxed, ready to benefit from a facial that’ll transform the way you look and feel. 

Boost Your Skin with Our Fabulous Facials

Our facials are more than just facials. They’re holistic experiences that come with a massage too. With Glo, you can look younger, feel more confident, and get a glow befitting of Bali itself. 

No matter what treatment you need for your skin, we have a facial for you. Take a look at all the exciting options below: 


As the years passed by, the fine lines and wrinkles can make you self-conscious and wish that there is a way to reduce it. While there is no instant cure for aging, Glo Day Spa & Salon provides facial treatments that can help manage or even improve your skin and ultimately boost your confidence.

Deeply repair and nourish your skin with one of our many treatment regimens, each designed to get the exact result you’re looking for from hydration, firming, and resurfacing to restoration, correction, and prevention. 

As the best facial treatment provider, we offer a powerful anti-aging facial from international brands such as Pevonia, Decleor, and Elemis and also a cruelty-free Indonesian brand, Biokos.


Microdermabrasion is a gentle yet effective treatment that both cleanses and renews the skin. The way it works is simple. The procedure removes the top layer of the skin, forcing it to regenerate itself. The new cells that come up afterwards look younger, bouncier, and more radiant, essentially giving you a fresh complexion. 

Microdermabrasion is ideal for anyone with acne scars, pigmented skin, and even stretch marks. By forcing the body to repair itself, the technique leads to the creation of brand new skin cells, rejuvenating your appearance. If you haven’t tried it before, you need to check it out. Very few facial techniques come close to the power of microdermabrasion to give you the bright and beautiful skin that you want. 


An aromatherapy facial is a special kind of facial that combines the best facial techniques with natural, healthy, and relaxing scents from pure and organic aromatherapy elixirs and botanical actives. Together, they will purify, balance, and renew the skin. This skin type customized facial treatment will make your skin looks more youthful, energized, and regenerated.


Glo day spa likes to stay at the forefront of facial technology. And nothing is more cutting-edge that our stem cell facials, a ground-breaking technique that uses plant stem cells to rejuvenate the face. A combination of comfrey and argon combined with a mask containing other skin-care essentials helps to reduce line and wrinkle depth, brightening and evening the skin tone, helping you instantly look more youthful and radiant.

Enjoy the Glo Experience Today

At Glo Day Spa & Salon, your happiness is our top priority, whether you’re looking for facial treatments or other beauty treatments. With us, you can get a complete spa experience like nowhere else on the island, offering the same standard of care that you would expect at home.

Find out more about our spa services today and plan your visit to Glo for some luxurious beauty treatments at the hands of professionals.

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