Bali’s Best Massage and Reflexology for Deep, Full Body Relaxation

At Glo Day Spa & Salon, we provide nothing less than the best massage in Bali. Our level of service and expertise in this area is wholly unrivalled, and that’s not the only solution we provide to our clients. 

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Are you in need of the best Bali massage? This solution is perfect for people who are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or low on energy and exhausted. It’s suitable for individuals of all ages and ways of life. Regardless of who you are, you might need to discover what it’s like to feel completely relaxed, and we can certainly help there. 

After a full body massage in Bali, completed by an expert team, you’ll be amazed by how incredible you feel. 

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How Can You Access the Best Massage in Bali?

If you want to get the best massage in Bali, visit one of our Glo Day Spa & Salon locations. There are four to choose from, with three scattered around Bali in Canggu, Seminyak, and Sanur and one in Nusa Lembongan island. Regardless of where you are, we’re sure we have a facility nearby for you. 

Rest assured that regardless of which spa you choose, you will always gain the highest quality of service and benefit from our expert solution. A rejuvenating and relaxing experience is a guarantee with a Balinese massage from our team. 

Why Choose Glo?

We know there are other businesses and spas in Bali, offering the same or similar treatments to us. However, there are a few key reasons why we are the right solution for you if you want the best massage in Bali. 

We’re pioneers, and we brought the concept of a spa and salon to Bali. Before Glo arrived, treatments like this were not available. Our level of quality is unrivalled with many comparing our services to the best you would discover after taking a trip to Beverly Hills. 

With fifteen years in the industry, we have strived to maintain a positive reputation by providing a quality service that our clients can trust and depend on. This factor is one of the reasons why people believe we offer the Bali best massage. 

As well as taking the title of pioneers, we also ensure that we have the number one team of professionals. When you choose a Balinese massage or a deep tissue massage from our business, you will be consulted before the service with one of our international professionals from Indonesia, Australia, and Europe. They are experts in their craft, highly trained, and filled with knowledge to guarantee you gain the ultimate solution. 


As well as providing Bali best massage, we are professionals trained in Reflexology.

Reflexology in Bali is also known as zone therapy. This treatment is an alternative medicine where pressure is applied to key points across your body. In doing so, we can provide relief and ensure that you gain a higher level of relaxation. This treatment is an advanced technique, and very few spas in Bali can offer this solution. We are proud to provide this service to our clients with the support of our professional team. 

As well as providing this treatment, we also offer a range of different massage services. A deep tissue massage can help those who suffer from chronic pain or tension. If you are looking for relief, our deep tissue massage will exactly provide that for you. 

Alternatively, a four hands massage requires two of our professionals to provide treatment. When you select a spa treatment such as a four hands massage, you will discover a whole new level of relaxation. More critical areas of your body can be cared for at the same time. 

Another selection is a hot stone massage. With this treatment, a controlled level of heat helps reduce levels of pain and discomfort that you may be feeling in your back. A hot stone massage ensures that you can gain the relief you need with a treatment that has been shown to provide incredible results. 

We use a wide variety of techniques to provide the ultimate level of relaxation that you deserve. For instance, a bamboo massage can be completed with or without hot stones, depending on your needs and your preference. 

About Glo Day Spa & Salon

As innovators in the industry and as the winner of 2019 Yak Awards Best Spa in Bali, we always strive to deliver the ultimate solution. We aim to be your one-stop-shop for spa treatments in Bali and this goes beyond the different types of treatment we deliver.

We are continually exploring new techniques and services that we can provide for our clients. We always ensure that we use only the best products. Any materials we use are ingredient-conscious and cruelty-free. This factor ensures that you can have complete peace of mind when you choose to partake in one of our relaxing and rejuvenating experiences. 

Our main aim will always be your complete satisfaction and happiness. We won’t rest until we provide the treatment that you need, whether that is an expert full body massage in Bali or reflexology treatment.


We know that everyone, regardless of your lifestyle, could benefit from a massage in Bali. That’s why we always strive to keep our service cost-friendly and open to all. When you book our service, you will find we provide excellent value with our pricing on every solution. Whether you are a tourist visiting Bali, a local, or a couple preparing for what can be a stressful wedding day, we’re here for you. 

As well as providing you with a completely relaxing experience, we take pride in delivering a luxury solution that our clients use time and time again. 

Discover More About Our Full Body Massage in Bali 

If you are interested in learning more about Bali’s best massage for a complete level of relaxation, do get in touch with our team today. We will be happy to book you in for an appointment and ensure that you get the rejuvenating treatment that you deserve.

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