Bali’s Best Spray Tanning Salon for a Radiant, Sunless Glow

Are you looking for the best spray tan in Bali? At Glo Day Spa & Salon, we aim to deliver the exceptional level of service our clients deserve and provide them with flawless, beautiful bronze skin. With our service, regardless of the weather, you will have the gorgeous tropical appearance you are sure to love. 

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At our sunless tanning centres, we provide the latest technology to guarantee a breathtaking final result. We also offer a personalised solution with a luxurious all-around treatment guaranteed to impress. 

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Why Do You Need the Best Spray Tan in Bali?

When you get to Glo Day Spa & Salon, you will not be disappointed with any of the services on offer. We are the pioneer of spa and salon in Bali, providing incredible services with high-quality finishes to all of our clients. If you are looking for a tanning treatment that can transform you into a sun-kissed beauty, then that is exactly what you have found right here. Every member of staff is professionally trained so you can rest assured that you are only going to receive the best services when you come to our salon. 

Glo Day Spa & Salon is your one-stop-shop for all your skin tanning needs. Having been active for over a decade, we know what our clients are looking for, and are more than happy to provide that for them. All of our experts are from Western, Australia, and Indonesia, and each one is fully qualified in their area. As the most reputable spa in the business, our clients trust us to provide excellence in all things, and they do not leave disappointed. You will get the best sunless tan that you have ever seen here at Glo, leaving you full of confidence.

If you are looking for a spray tan in Bali, then look no further. We are the tanning salon in Bali that cares and will make sure to give you the tan of your dreams. 


Glo Day Spa & Salon has some locations across Bali, making it easy for you to find a tanning salon in Bali that can cater to all of your needs. The locations include Canggu, Seminyak, and Sanur. Each of these locations is easy to locate, meaning that you can choose the one closest to you without any hassle. We also have a location in Nusa Lembongan Island if you are planning to escape Bali and have some more adventures, for sure this is going to be more convenient to you. As all the locations are spread out, there is sure to be one within a suitable distance so that you can get the best spray tan in Bali!

More About Our Spray Tan Services

With our Bali spray tanning service, we provide you with beautiful, bronze skin in just ten minutes. This treatment will ensure that you get the tropical island to glow up that you deserve and ensure that you look stunning. 

The Naked Tan professional spray-on solution that we provide has been imported from Australia and matches our exceptionally high standards. This product is just one of the ways that we guarantee that you get a glow that will last for up to seven days. 

Our experts can provide information on how to keep your tan glowing for as long as possible, including skin treatment and lifestyle choices. For instance, you mustn’t take a bath immediately after the treatment is complete. 


Our tanning treatment and all the beauty services that we offer only use the best products. We carefully research any skin products to ensure that they will provide the desired effect and will not cause any harm to your skin. Many of the products we use are organic and, as such, will provide natural benefits to your skin and your complexion. 


Something that you must do before you have a spray tan is to exfoliate your skin. By doing this, you are giving us a clear canvas to work on, meaning that the colour isn’t going to go darker in certain areas that are dry or dead. Pay attention to your elbows, ankles, and collarbones as these are generally the toughest areas. Use an exfoliator mitt all over, and then use a body scrub, wash it off in the shower, and you are one step closer to being ready for Bali spray tanning.

Moisturising is also vital as it will help us apply the tan more evenly to your skin. After you have exfoliated, your skin is going to be craving some moisture, so make sure you moisturise to get the best results from the spray tan booth. 

Discover the History of Glo Day Spa & Salon

At Glo Day Spa & Salon, we have always strived to deliver the best sunless tan to our clients. Pioneers in the industry, we are the first business of our kind in Bali and have worked continuously to stay ahead of the curve. 

Since opening our doors in 2005, we have employed only the best international professionals and built up a team of experts that our clients can trust from around the world. We were featured by 2019 Conde Nast Best Spas in Bali and named as a beauty salon that could rival the best in Beverly Hills or Bondi. We take pride in our reputation for delivering a quality, personalised solution to every client. 

While we always offer a high standard of service, our prices ensure that the best spray tanning service in Bali is accessible to all. We aim to deliver value in every way possible to all clients visiting our salon. 


Whether you need to look perfect on your wedding day or ensure that you have a tropical glow on your vacation, book sunless tanning with our service today. With our spray tan in Bali, you can get all the benefits of the sun with none of the dangers. 

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