Here’s All You Need to Know About SNS Nails

From acrylic and plain gel to intricate patterns and designs, nail art has undergone massive transformations over these many years. Nowadays, you are likely to see so many girls with beautifully painted nails and some with artificial nails that look so real and natural.

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Nail beauty trends have come and gone; some have stuck around for good, while others have met an unfortunate fate. Among the ones that have generated quite a hype and popularity, you will also find the amazing and unique ‘SNS nails.’

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SNS Nails at the Best Nail Salon in Bali

For all those wondering, “what are SNS nails?” it is one of the newest, most stunning nail trends of all time! SNS is an acronym for ‘Signature Nail Systems’ and is a nail art process or system that involves a 2-step technique. The nail technician first applies a nice layer of gel nail polish to your nails and then dips your nails in the SNS dip powder, and we need to repeat this process for maximum effect.

SNS nail art is quite different from its ancestors, namely gel nails, shellac nails, and acrylic nails. It is more like a combination of the best features of other manicures through which it brings you an all-rounder, all-in-one nail art technique.


If you compare the SNS nail art with other nail art treatments, you will notice that the main difference lies in the fact that the former makes use of an SNS dip powder. The technique completely relies on the powder instead of so many layers of gel nail paint like many other nail treatments.

Now that you have an answer to ‘what are SNS nails,’ you ought to know some of its amazing benefits as well!

  • Highly resistant to chipping and breaking
  • Lasts twice as long as its ancestors
  • It is less harsh on your natural nails
  • Doesn’t require UV light to try


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The Cost and Duration of SNS Nails

Before you go to our stylish nail salon in Bali, you need to know how much SNS nails cost and how long they last.

The prices of this nail art treatment vary, but on average, SNS nails cost from $45 – $75 for a full set of nails. Check our full menu and choose whichever service you’d like to get at our salon!

In terms of the duration and longevity of these nails, they can easily last up to four weeks till your real nails start to grow out. However, you might have to go back to your favorite Bali nail salon for a touch-up after two weeks or so.

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Are You Ready for an Amazing Nail Transformation?

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