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Glo Day Spa & Salon, the most reputable beauty salon in Bali, is the culmination of Georgia Sutherland’s vision of creating incredible Bali spa treatments. We offer a full range of salon and spa options, including beauty treatments such as facial treatments, waxing, eyelash extensions, eyebrow treatment, and spray tan. 

See our beauty salon and spa menu to pick out the perfect treatment for your needs.

We’re Easy to Find

We make it incredibly easy to find our beauty salon in Bali. We have three buzzing locations at Canggu, Seminyak, and Sanur. What’s more, you can also find us on Nusa Lembongan Island (an island close to Bali) if you’re planning a trip to a more secluded spot!

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Why Choose Glo Day Spa? 

If you are looking for a beauty salon in Bali, you have a lot of options. Why choose Glo for Bali spa treatments? Please take a look at the following reasons why we are the best beauty salon in Bali. 


At Glo, we’re a pioneer Bali day spa treatments, having more than fifteen years of experience in the industry. We saw that people visiting the island wanted the same luxurious beauty treatments that they got in their home countries and set about using our expertise to make it happen. Before long, we had a range of options for men and women who wanted to relax, unwind, and take advantage of all the wellness options the island had to offer. 


One of the reasons that we are the best beauty salon in Bali is our global team from Australia, Europe, and Indonesia, that includes people with different backgrounds in beauty and spa treatment. This mix of people allows us to provide practically any therapy you can imagine, from facials to waxing to spray tan.

With a worldwide team comes a host of experience. All our professionals offer unique skills that you can use to get the best treatment possible.


Everyone who works at Glo spa has professional training, ensuring that they can administer safe and effective treatments. We only use Western/Australian stylists for hair, ensuring that you receive a hairstyle that not only lives up to your expectations but exceeds them. 


Glo’s Bali spa treatments have been available for more than a decade, making us one of the longest-running day spas on the island. With our ten years-plus of experience, you can get a spa treatment like no other. 

Our Bali Spa Treatments 

At Glo Day Spa & Salon, we offer a comprehensive menu of spa treatments that you’ll love. 


Our spray tan in Bali is a total win-win Just in 5 minutes, not only do you get the bronze tropical glow that you’ve always wanted, but you can avoid UV damage at the same time.

We use skin-safe spray tan products that we import from Australia, such as Naked Tan and SunFx professional spray that can keep you glowing for up to seven days – perfect if you’re planning a week-long break. 

With us, you can choose where you’d like your spray tan treatment and the number of applications. Just remember, don’t sweat or take a shower for eight hours after your visit!


Glo Spa offers a range of professional facial in Bali using proprietary techniques and natural ingredients. Our facials do the impossible: they fight the aging process and add elasticity back to your skin. We have treatments that can reduce wrinkle depth, plump your skin, and even skin tone. 

We only use the best of the best Indonesian and international skincare products such as Pevonia, Decleor, Elemis, and Biokos.


Would you like practically pain-free hair removal treatment? If so, you’re in luck. With our menu of hair removal services, you can banish unwanted hairs for good. 

We offer professional waxing in Bali using Mancine hard wax, and Mancine olive oil strip wax targeted the upper lip, nose, chin, cheeks, forehead, underarm, bikini line, G-string and Brazilian. 


Eyes are the window to our soul, and that is why Glo Day Spa & Salon offers threading treatments, lash extensions, and lash lift.

Threading is an ancient practice by using twisted cotton thread for removing hair on highly contoured parts of the body, like the brows and upper lip area, that emerged from Asia and Arabic traditions. It has since grown into a popular eyebrow treatment all over the world, allowing you to shape and then re-shape your eyebrows as you see fit. 

With your eyebrow looking sharp, you can combine the treatment with either eyelash lift or eyelash extensions. We use products from Australia to perm and tint your eyelashes and brows, perfect for you, who has mascara sensitivity.

If eyelash lift is not enough for you and you want to look more fabulous, then our natural eyelash extensions in Bali is the perfect fit for you. We offer a natural look with silk fibre J curl and glamour look with C curl with 8mm to 14mm in length. Not only natural black colour, but we also have other bright colours such as red, blue, or turquoise.

Enjoy the Glo Experience Today

Glo first opened its doors back in July 2005 with a mission to provide a genuinely luxury spa service in the heart of Bali. It’s since become an award-winning salon, featured in the Conde Nast 2019 Best Spas in Bali and described as a beauty salon to rival any in Beverly Hills or Bondi. 

The focus of the spa remains the same as it has always been: to provide a range of world-beating spa treatments at an affordable price by taking advantage of the unique economic benefits offered by the island. 

At Glo, your happiness is our top priority, whether you’re looking for waxing or a spray tan. With us, you can get a complete spa experience like nowhere else on the island, offering the same standard of care that you would expect at home. 

Find out more about our spa services today and plan your visit to Glo for some luxurious beauty treatments at the hands of professionals. 

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