Things to Know Before Your First Brazilian Wax in Bali

The thought of a Brazilian wax might intimidate you, but there’s no denying the fact that it is one of the best waxing methods for a smooth, soft, and hair-free bikini area.

What is Brazilian or Bikini Wax?

Most people often get confused between a bikini wax and Brazilian wax; some say that the two types of waxing are the same, while others don’t exactly know the difference.

In actuality, the major difference between a bikini wax and Brazilian wax is that the latter removes a greater amount of hair than the former.

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Simply put, a Brazilian wax removes hair from every area of your bikini region, including the front, sides, top, and even those areas at the back that are hard to reach. It is also often referred to as “bare wax” since it removes every single hair all the way from your belly button to your behind. On the other hand, a bikini wax only focuses on those areas that are likely to be visible in a swimsuit, which mainly includes the top area and the sides along the bikini line.

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Benefits of Brazilian Waxing

Now that you have an answer to ‘what is Brazilian wax,’ you need to be familiar with some of its major benefits and plus-points.

Deep Exfoliation of the Skin

Perhaps the best part about Brazilian waxing is that it deeply exfoliates the skin by removing all dead cells and rough hair from your skin. This is mainly because it uses a special kind of wax that leaves the skin super soft and smooth.

Clean, Neat and Hair-free

If you can recall your first bikini wax, you probably also remember feeling some kind of itchiness down there because bikini wax doesn’t ensure the complete removal of hair. On the flip side, a Brazilian wax makes you completely hair-free in that region and further helps you feel super neat and clean.

No More Irritation 

Things like hair removal creams and razors often cause severe irritation to the skin in your bikini region. Brazilian waxing completely prevents that with the help of its special wax.

The Difference between Brazilian Wax, Bikini Line Wax, and G-String Wax

When it comes to body waxing, there’s another popular type of waxing known as “G-string wax.” Brazilian and bikini waxes are both explained above, so let’s talk about the third type. G-string waxing involves leaving a thick strip of hair that runs from the top to the bottom. It also removes the hair at the top in order to take the strip lengthwise. For this reason, it is also called a “high bikini” wax.

The Process of Brazilian Wax in Bali

You’ll be surprised to know how pleasant the experience of waxing in Bali can be, given that you get it done by a professional. There are many amazing salons in Canggu, Bali, such as Glo Day Spa & Salon, that offers the best Brazilian wax in Canggu.

The Major Steps

To help you with your first Brazilian wax in Bali, take a look at the major steps involved in Brazilian waxing.

1. The professional first apply talcum powder on your skin to prevent the wax from sticking to your skin.

2. They will then dip a wooden stick or spoon in hot wax and spread it in the direction of your hair on your skin in a swift movement to prevent discomfort.

3. With the help of a cloth strip, your therapist will pull the strip of wax once it has cooled down in the opposite direction. This will be done in a rapid motion, so if it gets too painful or unbearable, you might want to ask the therapist to apply strips to smaller areas at a time or stop completely.

4. You will then be asked to lie on your stomach or kneel over in order to remove the hair from between the buttocks. Yes, hair does grow there. Since Brazilian wax involves removing hair from the bottom, don’t be shy at this step. 

5. Once it’s all done, the professional will pluck any remaining hair with tweezers and finish it off with a soothing lotion over the waxed areas.

6. Also, note that some women opt for dyes or even create designs on the remaining pubic hair. This allows you to be a bit more experimental with your look.

Is the Process Painful?

If you are asking yourself at this point, “does Brazilian wax hurt?” then, you ought to know that it is painful in the start; however, it gets better and less painful with each session. If you are a newbie, it is best to start with a basic bikini wax as it’s less painful.

How to Prepare for Your First Brazilian Wax

The thought of your first Brazilian wax in Canggu is probably daunting; however, you can ease the pain with the right preparation. 

1. Pop a painkiller 30-60 minutes before going for waxing in Canggu if you’re particularly sensitive or are new to waxing

2. Inform us at Glo Day Spa & Salon if you’ve been taking Accutane or any other steroidal or skin thinning medications

3. Avoid going for waxing in Canggu if you have active skin issues like rashes, cuts, eczema or cold sores

4. Don’t apply Retin A, AHAs, or glycolic acids for at least 4 weeks before your Brazilian wax in Bali.

6. If you are pregnant, please consult your doctor to ensure that it’s safe to get waxing done. Also, note that you need to wait at least 4 weeks post any superficial or medium depth peel and wait at least 3 months post-surgery.

7. Glo Day Spa & Salon also offers waxing for menstruating women, please wear a tampon or a menstrual cup.

Brazilian Wax After Care

Brazilian waxing is amazing, but you must ensure post-wax care in order to prevent any kind of rashes or irritation. Here are some Brazilian wax tips to help you care for your skin.

1. Wear loose-fitting clothes to help calm your skin after being waxed

2. Wear breathable cotton garments for intimate waxing. We are not suggesting any silks or satins undergarments until the skin has calmed

3. Avoid perfumes, antiperspirants, and colognes in the area until the skin has calmed

4. Avoid chlorine pools, saunas, the gym, vigorous exercise, and hot tubs post-wax for a few days to minimize the risk of skin inflammation

5. Use a sun-block when outdoors, but try to avoid sun exposure for a few days

6. Avoid treatments like laser, IPL, spray tanning, and skin peels in the bikini area for at least 72 hours after the wax

7. Gently exfoliate your bikini region once the skin has calmed down with a gentle exfoliation wash and a loofah

8. Use a proper after wax lotion everyday commencing 48-72 hours to avoid ingrown hairs or infected follicles 

9. Visit us for your next waxing session after the hair re-grows to at least 6mm in length

Make sure to follow all these Brazilian wax tips for a smooth and pain-free post-wax care process.

Are You Ready?

Whether it’s your first bikini wax or Brazilian wax, visit Glo Day Spa & Salon now for the best waxing in Canggu. Our team of professionals will make sure that you have the smoothest experience, and you no longer have to wonder about questions like “does Brazilian wax hurt?” or “what is Brazilian wax” as our team of professionals will walk you through the entire process!

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